100% Vegan & Non-GMO Menu

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Cappuccino / Espresso Bar / Heavenly Desserts
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About Us

About Us

The Cheeze Factory Restaurant welcomes you and your family to a delicious and memorable vegan dining experience.

Our menu offers freshly prepared vegan, non-GMO and gluten-sensitive dishes from our own recipes, and 'to-drive-for' cakes, pies and cookies from our in-house bakery. We also feature a premium Cappuccino and Espresso bar.

Our fresh, healthy and satisfying meals are served up in a warm, bright and enjoyable atmosphere. A Rock-Ola jukebox adds a touch of nostalgia from the golden age of jazz and an old-fashioned ice-cream soda fountain is here for old-time favorites.

Our staff take great pleasure in serving you and in helping to make your experience one that stands out in your visit to Wisconsin Dells. We hope you will find the Cheeze Factory Restaurant a refreshingly different and creative dining experience!

We are staffed by teachers and students of A Course in Miracles. Some have come from around the world and some from just down the road. To find out more about A Course in Miracles and opportunities to experience its healing and enlightening power, click here.

The Bread of Life

Live classes from the “Starlight Ballroom”, upstairs at The Cheeze Factory Restaurant.

This week's schedule

Listen to class recordings at spreaker.com


We are often asked about the history of our building, and how a vegan eatery winds up with the name, “The Cheeze Factory Restaurant.”

Beginning circa 1948 our building was the home of the “Bowl Inn Bar” - A Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge and Bar with Six Deluxe Bowling Lanes.

Around 1957 the building became the home of the “Dells Cheese Company” - Wisconsin's Largest Cheese Mart with All Cheese Made In Wisconsin.

From 1957 until 1992 the building went through various incarnations but was always a place where cheese was packaged and sold. It also holds special memories for many who remember coming to the cheese mart as children to buy candy.

In 1992 we became “The Cheeze Factory Restaurant.” When you're driving by a location and a voice says to you “Cheeze Factory”, you can be sure that “if you build it, they will come.” It continues to be an honor and our great joy to serve you.

Table Art

Here is a masterful collection of artwork from diners who grace our tables with their creative gifts, transforming the canvas of a simple placemat into a feast for the eyes.

A welcome tradition at The Cheeze Factory, we love to hang them up in the restaurant and display them here in the gallery.

Thank you everyone, and keep 'em coming!